On Wall/Face Fit (OW)

OW is optional in its placement: to the eaves or above the window, or level with the window, or partly in the window space, etc, to your preference. 
We find OW to be the Easiest way for Installation. 

Please note: The overall height of the Roller shutter is to the top of the head box, so if the head box is above the window or door use the table below to calculate the overall height of the Roller shutter. 

The head box increases in sizes from 165mm 180mm and 205mm in relationship with the height see the table below 

Please note: On wall (OW) has greater flexibility and is more accepting of 'out of square' windows. 

Always look for obticals they may prevent you from installing the roller shutter. There is packer available on request for bringing forward the roller shutter off the window frame.

Reveal Fit (RF)

RF width is determined by the window aperture at its smallest point (e.g. the top of the window may measure 1800mm but the bottom may measure 1803mm and the middle measures 1805mm - your measurement should then be 1800 for overall width). 

Please note: Reveal Fit (RF) allows for zero margin for error in measurements and you should deduct a clearance for the width of 4mm. So if you measure 1800 as your tightest measurement, deduct 4mm off of this for clearances 

One common question asked "But how far will the Box stick out?", the table below shows the relationship between a Roller shutters' size and how big the Head Box will be. 

The height of the head box for the BC45 is the same as the width of the box (i.e. 165mm box is 165mm high x 165mm wide). The BC45 Box style.


Rollershutter Height  Box Height

Up to 1700mm            165mm

Up to 2100mm            180mm

Up to 3000mm            205mm